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For Newborn Photographers

Are you looking to start your own business as a newborn photographer? Or maybe you’ve tried to get going, but you’re struggling to make it work.

Here are the cold facts.

ONE IN TWO new businesses don’t make their fourth birthday.

TWO THIRDS never see ten years.

That means that 50% of new businesses fall inside four years. And two out of three will never get to celebrate ten years in business.

Not only does this represent a loss of income after years of hard slog but also a huge loss of the time, energy and money that you’ve invested into the venture.

Here’s some good news.

New businesses are TWICE as likely to succeed if they work with a business mentor in the first six months.

And here’s a solution for you to consider…

Lorna and Craig Kirkby are now offering a four-month mentoring program to newborn photographers.

Lorna has been a photographer for over ten years, and has run workshops for newborn photographers all over the country. Craig has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce; he’s started three successful businesses over the past fifteen years, and runs marketing workshops helping small businesses succeed.

Yes, workshops are helpful and a wonderful source of inspiration. However, too often, delegates leave a workshop dizzy with knowledge, but no clear idea of how to implement all they’ve taken onboard. The giddy heights of the workshop crash land in the cold reality of “What do I do with all this info? Where do I even start?”


Over a period of four months, Lorna and Craig will walk with you through what it takes to set your business up for long-term effectiveness: the Art, Graft and Craft of Business Success (AGC).

of Newborn Photography

This includes all the in-studio skills required (set-up, props, posing techniques, soothing, safety, lighting, white balance, and exposure) plus equipment, post processing, client forms and interaction, pricing, etc.

of Business Management

This includes business registration, procedures, workflow, organisational and administrative systems, tax advice, etc.

of Business Marketing

This includes domain name registration, procuring a webhost, custom website development, SEO, social media, effective marketing strategies for new business, repeat business and referral business, etc.


Practically, the four-month program involves the following (toggle to view details):


Unfortunately, we cannot offer this program to anyone living within 75 kilometres of Lorna’s studio in Fawkner, Melbourne. Because we’re confident of setting you up for success during these four months, we cannot work with photographers from within Lorna’s direct sphere of influence. If you’re unsure of whether you’re legible for the program, please drop us a line.

Furthermore, we will only work with a maximum of five photographers at a time. Why? Because we want to ensure the quality of this elite program. For this reason, participation will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The cost of a four-month business mentoring progam could easily exceed


But our price for the four-month program is just


Yes, just $3,900 for this comprehensive four-month mentoring program.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We sure do.

$1,200 is required upfront to secure your place, and it covers the first month.

Thereafter, $900 is due in advance for the remaining three months.

This means that you’ll make one $1,200 payment and three $900 payments over the course of the four-month period.

Are You Ready to Start Your Business?

If you are interested, we highly recommend you take advantage of our incredible pricing and get started as soon as possible.

Acquiring the necessary photographic skills and business management strategies while building a strong foundation for your online presence and brand, is the best way to ensure a successful business. Don’t let the challenges of starting a business catch you cold and leave you flatfooted. Sign up today!

Some people make things happen. Some watch things happen. Others allow opportunity to pass them by and then wonder, “Uh, what happened?”

We want to help you make things happen in your business.

Register today and let’s get this party started.

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If you have any questions, drop us a line or return to the home page to see all we offer.