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Newborn Photography StartUp Guide
[Session Checklist PDF]

Four years ago, I put together a session checklist to help newborn photographers. I’ve been overwhelmed by how popular it’s become. I’ve now updated it and re-branded it as the Newborn Photography StartUp Guide. Yes, it’s still free and you can download it via the link below.

Newborn Photography StartUp Guide, Session Checklist PDF

If you have never used it, here’s what it includes:

  • Advice on getting started in newborn photography.
  • A session checklist to make sure you’ve got all you need.
  • Myriad links to helpful resources, prop vendors, and the like.
  • Seven points on how to pose newborns.

The idea is to help you get your head around the little things, so that you can focus on your art.

Why the Newborn Photography StartUp Guide?

It may cover the basics, but as they say, the devil is in the details. As I’ve run workshops around the country and mentored photographers from near and far, I realise again and again how much there is to absorb when you first start. It can be utterly bewildering. In fact, even when you’re been at it for a little while, sometimes you just need to regain your bearings, or step back to get some fresh perspective. In other words, the Newborn Photography StartUp Guide can get you going, help you regain your bearings or simply serve as refresher for you.


Lorna Kirkby, authour of the Newborn Photography StartUp Guide

x Lorna

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*Sigh* Some T & Cs

For obvious reasons, the Newborn Photography StartUp Guide is under copyright. That’s the official term for asking you nicely to respect the hardwork and time that it took to put together. If you’d like to share it with others, by all means share this page URL. It’s free so people can download their own PDF as suits. If you’d like to offer the resource on your own site, that’s perfectly fine provided you give the appropriate credit and link directly to this page (not to the PDF). If you have any questions, please drop me a line via the contact form.

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