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Google Raves & Reviews*



“Amazing!! Not only are the photographs of our baby absolutely gorgeous we felt very at ease watching Lorna work her magic with our little bundle. We were lucky enough to have our newborn involved in one of Lorna’s mentoring workshops in Adelaide and I am so thankful because our images are sensational. The attention to detail right down to the packaging was exceptional! From the moment we walked into the studio Lorna took control and had our baby calm and comfortable (no easy task considering it was winter and she hated being naked). I have no hesitation in recommending Lorna and have done so to friends living in Melbourne.”

Mel M

Absolutely beautiful experience…


“Absolutely beautiful experience. I highly recommend Lorna to anyone wanting to capture those very special little treasures we bring into the world. I was completely blown away with how much time Lorna spent with us making sure to capture so many perfect photographs. Lorna not only provides absolute quality photographs, she has a beautiful warm personality making you and your family feel very very special. Thankyou Lorna from the bottom of my heart. And I’ll see you for baby no. 5”

Alison Radford

Result is breathtaking…


“To describe the exceptional work of Lorna is almost too difficult to put into words. From the moment you arrive the care she takes to make you feel so comfortable and put your little newborn at ease is amazing. Lorna takes such great care and affection to really capture the essence of your baby. Every movement is gentle and loving as if she was positioning her own child. Watching her work is so beautiful and you already know that the images are just going to be stunning. The packages available are incredibly reasonable and the result is just breathtaking. I simply cannot recommend Lorna enough. We have used her on several occasions now and whether working with a newborn/infant or toddler, you can’t help but walk away so full of pride and joy . . . that such a precious moment has been captured so beautifully. Lorna is amazing! Even as I write this, I feel my words simply can’t do justice to the amazing calibre of her work. If you want a lifetime memory of exceptional quality, Lorna Kirkby should be your only choice. AMAZING!”

Adriana Brusi

Highly recommend…


“She was very professional and patient also highly experienced. My boy was quiet all through the session. And she had excellent props for the photo shoot. Highly recommend checking her out.”

Johnathan Perreira

Absolutely loved the end results…


“Very professional, awesome with my 9 day old son. Absolutely loved the end results – the photography was amazing. Loved that so soon after having a baby (apart from the fabulous photos), that she took my son and did everything – I fell asleep on the couch (I was in the same room). Such a talented newborn photographer. Thoroughly recommend to anyone!!!!!”

Leanne McComish



“Lorna is kinda exceptional at baby whispering AND photography.”

Sarah Wiegard

Amazing experience…


“An amazing experience along with a very professional photographer . Thank you very much Lorna for the photos taken of our little baby girl Kylie.”

Monica S

Relaxing joyous experience…


“The most relaxing, soothing and joyous experience we had with our baby Zander at 5 days old before taking him home. Never forget it. Thank You, Lorna!”

Nadia Carrafa

Extremely professional…


“Extremely professional. The whole process was seamless and polished. Lorna has a way with babies and knows how to get you the perfect shot. I loved the whole experience!”

Fiona A

Impeccable service…


“Lorna creates amazing images of newborn babies. Her service is impeccable and I would highly recommend Lorna’s expertise.”

Christo van Deventer

Memorable photos…


“Lorna produces memorable photographs and offers wonderful customer service in her comfy home studio at an affordable price. Thank you!”

Melissa Wilson

Fantastic images…


“Fantastic images, excellent service and great packages.”

Archer Swift

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Mentoring Raves

I chose the right mentor to help me…


“I got so much out of my newborn photography mentoring session with Lorna. She was so patient with my endless questions. I knew I chose the right mentor to help me embark on this new exciting career in newborn photography. Lorna is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Just look at her incredible photos!”

Elisa Elgstrom

I’ve jumped ahead in leaps and bounds…


“I attended a mentoring day with Lorna Kirkby. I had been admiring Lorna’s newborn photography for quite some time and thought it best that I approach Lorna to see if she would be willing to spend some time teaching me some of her amazing skills! The mentoring day was a great help and through Lorna’s teaching, I was reassured that a lot of what I was already doing was correct. Lorna also taught me new and better ways to do certain things as well. My newborn photography has jumped ahead in leaps and bounds since the mentoring with Lorna, and I am busier than ever and loving it! Thank you, Lorna!”

Leanne Curtis

My confidence has increased tenfold…


“Our Lorna Kirkby Photography newborn workshop was my first workshop and I am now glad it was. My confidence has increased tenfold after having seen her at work. Her calm, open and honest, ask-all-the-questions-you-need approach really allowed me to learn all I could. I learnt importantly about “the head tilt”, perfect baby exposure, baby posing/wrapping and most importantly, some much-needed post processing advice. Her story too is inspiring and it’s nice to hear that you don’t have to start with the best camera and all the best props to achieve the best photos. So thank you, Lorna. I cannot wait to put my new skills to use.”

Lisa Luyten

I had countless “Ahh Haa” moments…


“I just completed mentoring with Lorna Kirkby Photography. Going into it I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to continue with newborn photography as while it’s a great job it is very challenging and I had no idea. With that in mind, I actually went in thinking that perhaps I wasn’t doing it so badly, so why not learn as much as I could. After all, knowledge is power. Well wow! I had countless “AHH HAA” moments, moments where I thought that’s how it’s done! I’ve come out of it more confident and ready to take on the next chapter of my career in newborn photography. And to think I was ready to give it up. Now I’m refreshed and armed with many new techniques. I wouldn’t have known any of it if I didn’t do the course. You can research all you like but having that hands-on experience is just priceless. Thank you, Lorna. You’re worth your weight in gold.”

Kareena Spall